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Sludge ceramsite production line

There are several problems in the treatment of sludge, such as reclamation, landfill, incineration and land use, but there are many problems. If the sludge of the sewage treatment plant is completely disposed of by landfill, it will cost a lot of treatment and cause secondary pollution to the environment.
The usage of sludge to produce ceramsite can not only replace clay to burn ceramsite, save land, turn waste into treasure, and at the same time sterilize and solidify heavy metals at high temperatures to avoid pollution.
Ceramsite production process
After the car transports the sludge and clay into the factory, it is stored in the stacker for natural drying time and then sent to the respective silos by the forklift. A box feeder is placed under the clay bin, and the clay is sent to a roller crusher for crushing. Multiple roller crushers can be provided to make the clay particle size smaller and then fed into a twin-shaft mixer. The sludge also enters the twin-shaft mixer through a screw conveyor under the bin. The sludge and clay are thoroughly mixed and stirred in a twin-shaft mixer and then sent to the aging yard for storage.

Process flow
The aged mixture is sent to the silo by a forklift, then stirred by a twin-shaft mixer and sent to a roll granulator for extrusion granulation. The pellets produced are sent to the shaping and screening machine by a belt conveyor. After the rounding process, the small particles are sieved out, and the qualified pellets are sent to the twin-cylinder rotary kiln for preheating and roasting.
The fired ceramsite products are cooled into a cooling machine, and then divided into finished products of different particle sizes by rotary sieves, which are stored in the storage yard and shipped after being bagged. The high-temperature secondary air of the cooler enters the rotary kiln to assist combustion, which saves fuel. The fuel is fed into the rotary kiln by a high pressure blower through a multi-channel burner. The dusty high-temperature flue gas at the end of the kiln enters the air cooler to cool down, and is cleaned and emptied by the bag filter.

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