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120-800t/d Active lime production line

Production capacity: 120-800t/d
Application areas: Metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, etc.
Auxiliary equipment: Vertical preheater, vertical cooler, rotary kiln, vibrating feeder, chain bucket conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor and other related equipment.
First, the characteristics of the production line
In all active lime production processes, the current energy-saving and environment-friendly type is the rotary kiln production process. The main features of this process are the combination of the advantages of low heat consumption of the shaft kiln and the high uniformity of the temperature field of the rotary kiln. The rotary kiln with vertical preheater and vertical cooler calcined limestone to meet the production requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and good activity.
Second, the production line advantage
ZK CORP uses a rotary kiln calcination system with vertical preheater and vertical chiller equipment in the limestone production line. This lime production process can maximize the use of raw materials and produce high quality lime to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.
The lime production line designed by ZK CORP adopts DCS central control system with advanced technology and reliable performance. It is centrally operated and managed in the main control room. PLC realizes the interlocking of various equipments and realizes high automation.
ZK CORP provides you with a production line of 100-800 tons / day scale, as well as a complete set of technical solutions for technical consultation, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of lime production lines.
Active lime production line flow chart
ZK CORP can provide a full set of lime production line equipment, providing services from scientific research report, design, equipment, civil construction, installation, commissioning, and reaching the standard. You are welcome to visit the ZK CORP. Want to know more about process and technical support.

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