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Operatation of the active lime rotary kiln process

The active lime rotary kiln is the main building material equipment for the production of lime. The equipment plays its role in the lime rotary kiln process production line. The calcination process is mature, the carrying capacity is large, the processing capacity per unit time is strong, and the efficient arrangement of the rotary kiln is beneficial to the equipment. Large-scale production, and can bring greater economic benefits to users. So how to operate the active lime rotary kiln process to make the production bigger?
There are two common active lime kiln production layouts, namely the new process layered layout and the traditional layout. There are differences between the two. Different production layouts will affect the equipment safety, energy saving and stable production of the lime production line.
1. New process layered layout
The first thing to understand is that the active lime rotary kiln is mainly used to sort and burn limestone with different particles. Therefore, the fabric that is environmentally friendly in the rotary kiln is a very important process. The usage of the fabric can make the fuel in the rotary kiln. Fully rational combustion within the project to reduce waste emissions. The function of the layered fabric is to mix the limestone and the fuel to achieve uniform heating. The advantage of this process is that the limestone can be burned to prevent the remaining problems. However, there are also some shortcomings. When comparing layered fabrics with mixed fabrics, it is found that layered fabrics tend to take a larger portion of the heat from the flue gas, which is very disadvantageous in terms of energy conservation and also affects energy recycling.
2. Traditional layout
The role of the fabric in the traditional activated lime rotary kiln is mainly to break down the size of the broken powder through the cloth, so that the distribution of limestone can be realized, the heat can be more rationally utilized, and the waste of heat can be reduced.
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