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Limestone calcination equipment process

Limestone is commonly known as bluestone and limestone. The main mineral is calcite, followed by dolomite, magnesite and other carbonate minerals. The limestone crystal structure, the triangular body and the rhombohedron, the granular shape, the tuberculosis and the porous structure are formed by the calcite crystallite.
Calcination process - limestone pretreatment
The calcination process of limestone mainly includes the pretreatment of limestone and the calcination of limestone:
1. Limestone pretreatment:
The shape of limestone ore is irregular, it is difficult to meet the requirements of calcination; the particle size distribution is wide, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of calcination; the high impurity content affects the quality of the product, so it is necessary to pretreat the limestone that does not meet the standard.
Limestone crushing:
In order to achieve the basic requirements of the calcining kiln, the limestone must be calcined.
Limestone cleaning:
In order to ensure the quality of the product, limestone must be cleaned.
Commonly used stone washing equipments include rotary drum washing machine, spiral stone washing machine, wheel washing machine and so on.
According to the process conditions of calcination, there are certain requirements for the particle size of limestone. Therefore, the crushed and cleaned limestone must be classified, and it is not suitable for other purposes.
Calcination process - limestone calcination
The calcination of limestone is a series of processes of physical and chemical changes. According to these changes, the calcination of limestone in the kiln is divided into three sections: preheating zone, calcination zone and cooling zone.
Preheating area:
The basic chemical reaction in the preheating zone includes preheating the material temperature to about 900 ° C, evaporating the moisture in the material, decomposing the surface portion of the calcium, and completely decomposing the magnesium carbonate.
Calcination zone:
The calcined limestone is calcined by the heat released by the combustion of the fuel, and the limestone is decomposed to produce quicklime.

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