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Five functional advantages of rotary kiln equipment

The rotary kiln is composed of a cylinder, a belt, a support roller, a gear, a transmission device, a sealing device, a cooling device (a multi-tubular cooling machine, etc.), and a brick block is welded in the cylinder body, and the refractory brick is built, and the cold end is also welded. Stirring ring; the cold end of the wet kiln is also chained with other metal heat exchange devices and a slurry evaporator; the furnace is installed at the end of the line kiln; the suspension preheater is suspended at the kiln Preheating device; the drum preheater kiln is also equipped with a lowering tongue, and other kiln types are also provided with a feeding device. A perforated door is opened on the cylinder, and a reinforcing ring is welded to increase the rigidity of the kiln. The hot end of the kiln is connected to the fire hood, the kiln head is provided with a pulverized coal burning device, and the cold end is connected with the smoke chamber. The rotary kiln is a cement clinker calciner that combines combustion, heat transfer, mixing, reaction heat storage and conveying functions.
The rotary kiln equipment has five major functions:
(1) Fuel combustion function
As a fuel burning device, it has a wide space and a thermal field, can supply enough air, and is equipped with an excellent combustion device to ensure sufficient combustion of the fuel to provide necessary heat for clinker calcination.
(2) Heat exchange function
As a heat exchange equipment, it has a relatively uniform temperature field, which can meet the heat transfer requirements of various stages of the cement clinker formation process, especially the requirements of mineral generation.
(3) Chemical reaction function
As a chemical reactor, with the different needs of different stages of cement clinker mineral formation, it can meet the heat and temperature requirements of different mineral formations in stages, and can meet their time requirements. There is no other equipment to replace the good equipment for the formation of minerals.
(4) Material conveying function
As a conveying device, it has greater potential because the filling rate, kiln inclination and rotational speed of the material in the section of the rotary kiln are very low.
(5) Degradation and utilization of waste function
With the enhancement of the awareness of protecting the global environment, the superior environmental protection function of the rotary kiln was quickly discovered. Its high temperature and stable thermal field has become a good device for degrading various toxic, harmful and hazardous wastes.

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